Selecting New Windows For Your Home

The Advantages That Blinds Offer Older Australians

by Frederick Stanley

Australia has a rapidly aging population, and with an advancement in age comes all sorts of different needs. From requiring slightly different foods to getting a more safety-conscious car, there are a lot of big changes that you will need to consider, but there are also smaller tweaks to your lifestyle that can help make life simpler. One of those, believe it or not, is with what window coverings you choose. While curtains have been popular for a long time with many generations, when it comes to ease of use for older Australians, blinds have no competition.

Easier To Open And Close

Curtains can be made of quite heavy fabric, and often, they have multiple layers, which can be quite annoying to operate. On the other hand, blinds have such a simple little pull mechanism that allows you to completely open or close them with no more energy than you might use to pull a rubbish bag out of its cardboard box housing. This also means you do not necessarily even have to get up from your seat or your bed to open or close the blinds, unlike curtains which virtually always require some movement on your part.

Simple To Clean

If you wished to clean your curtains from the mounds of dust that eventually get caught in them, then you either have to take them off and beat the dust out of them outside, or you have to wash them and then hang them up to dry before replacing them. Blinds can be cleaned with a simple feather duster in just a couple of minutes every few weeks. There is never any need to completely uninstall your blinds to clean them, nor do they get dust as deeply ingrained in them as fabrics do. If you are someone who hates maintenance, then blinds far outweigh curtains.

Better For Light Adjustments

Sometimes you don't want too much or too little natural light coming in, but just enough to read your favourite book or enjoy the cool breeze. Curtains either allow you a lot of light, some light very focused in a single position or no light at all. Blinds, on the other hand, give you as much or as little light as you want. Some blinds even allow a bit more freedom in diffusing the light so that it is softer and easier on the eyes. Have a look at the huge amount of options the next time you consider shopping at a blinds store — you may be surprised!

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