Selecting New Windows For Your Home

Reasons to Cover Your Windows with Venetian Blinds

by Frederick Stanley

Window coverings not only allow you to control light flow, but they decorate your home and dress up the windows. Venetian blinds have been popular for eternities due to their practical and aesthetic benefits. Read on to discover reasons to install these coverings in your home.

Filters Light

Though simple in design, Venetian blinds offer excellent light control. You can angle the louvres to allow inside flickering light or adjust them for full sunlight. The angle of the sun alters at different hours and seasons, and you can adjust the blinds accordingly. As well, you can pull the blinds upwards from the bottom to partially or fully reveal the window. Opening the bottom section only helps keep the sun rays away from eye-level if you're watching a TV or computer screen, for instance.

Easy to Clean

Because blinds use hard non-absorbent materials like vinyl, aluminium or wood, they're easy to clean. Though slats can gather dust, you can wipe them with a duster or cloth, unlike fabric window coverings which can stain and may require a professional wash or dry clean.

Blocks Heat 

Sun streaming through your windows can spread the radiant heat around the rooms. As furniture absorbs this solar warmth, it re-radiates it around the space. Blinds can help block the cycle and maintain cooler places. Light coloured blinds reflect more heat than dark ones, keeping your home cooler in summer. You'll also protect floors and furniture from fading and discolouring.

Fits Various Window Shapes and Sizes

Venetian indoor blinds come in various shapes and sizes to suit different windows. They flatter architectural bay windows, giving them a classic look. They also work well in tall or broad window areas. To break up expansive windows, you could install several narrow blinds for a decorative effect — however, one blind will block the light more tightly. 

Suits Diverse Decors

No matter how old or new your home, you'll be able to find a Venetian blind to suit as their classic look suits varied decors. For instance, you can install stained timber blinds in a traditional, bohemian setting. Timber slats are also available in bright hues like red and blue or standard white. Other materials include aluminium in different shades, or vinyl and faux wood. You can blend the blinds with the wall colour by matching the two. Alternatively, create a window accent with white blinds against dark charcoal walls. Another option is to match the blinds to the window trim.

To learn more, reach out to a window store that offers products like indoor blinds.