Selecting New Windows For Your Home

Glass Window Panels for That Will Meet Your Commercial Needs

by Frederick Stanley

Several considerations go into choosing and installing glass panels for your office windows. You must find materials that work for you in terms of aesthetics, noise attenuation, durability and weatherproofing. Glass certainly fits the profile of the material you are looking for. However, you need to look into the various range of glass panels before deciding the ones that will meet your needs. Read to learn a few things that will help you make the right purchasing decision.

Laminated Glass Panels

Laminated glass panels are a reflective type of glass panels. They have very low light transmittance, which allows one-way vision through your windows. The one-way vision is ideal for concealing certain areas of your business space, making it ideal for areas that require high levels of privacy. Notably, you will still enjoy good penetration of natural light into your office so your decor and ambience still stand out.

Solar Control Glass Panels

The gentle sun rays experienced in the morning often feel pleasant to the skin. However, things get thick as the day progresses and the scorching causes unbearable discomfort. Additionally, the ultraviolet radiation resulting from the harsh sun rays will wear down your furniture and fittings with prolonged exposure. Thankfully, solar control glass panels are designed to regulate the amount of sunlight hitting the room's interior. It comes as a panel with a special coating placed inside the glass with a Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer. Pay attention to the solar control attributes to get the highest solar factor rating. Additionally, choose panels with minimal weight and thickness to make the most of the coatings.

Lacquered Glass Panels

Lacquered glass is another consideration for the glass panels in your office. Typically, this refers to glass with an opaque and coloured appearance. Manufacturers make it by altering the appearance of clear glass. One side of the clear glass panel is laced with certain deposits of lacquer before baking them in special kilns. The application process ensures that the lacquer holds firmly onto the glass with minimal chances of flaking and damage.

Lacquered glass is an ideal solution for matching your window panels to the overall aesthetics of the office. It adds a touch of colour and a sense of exploration to your window panelling. When buying, make sure that the colouring deposits do not contain any heavy metals. It is imperative to ensure that your window panels do not jeopardise the wellbeing of the environment.

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