Selecting New Windows For Your Home

Double Glazed Windows: The Benefits They Offer

by Frederick Stanley

Double glazed windows have panels with two pieces of glass that have a small void between them. The space between the two pieces of glass is filled with a special type of gas. These separate gas-filled panes distinguish double glazed windows from single glazed ones. The following are some of the main benefits of using double glazed windows.

Heat Regulation and Energy Efficiency

The space between insulated glass units serves as a thermal barrier. The barrier regulates the heat between your house and the outside environment. The space keeps your home's temperature steady and insulates you from extreme temperatures. As a result, double glazed windows are able to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Double glazed windows are also favoured for being energy efficient. Since most of the energy in Australian households is used for supplying power to heating and cooling equipment, insulated glass units reduce the need for these devices by reducing heat loss and gain. Double glazed screens also reduce your energy consumption significantly compared to single glazed windows.

Aesthetic Value and Security

Double glazed windows are more appealing than single glazing. They are not only pleasing to the eye but also have a uniform and symmetrical look. These windows match with any furniture design and complement the overall appearance of your home.

Insulated glass units also make your home safer. These windows cannot be easily broken into. The two layers on the window pane also reduce the likelihood of accidents involving young children and keep your belongings safe.

Noise Proof and Condensation

Double glazing reduces noise significantly. The different thickness between the internal and external window panes promotes sound reduction. This feature is beneficial if you live in a commercial area like near the airports or have noisy neighbours.

Another important feature of double glazed windows is that it reduces the risk of condensation. This occurs when the moist air in your home is subjected to a cool surface like a single-glazed window. Condensation is a nuisance and creates serious issues in your home. Double glazing reduces the chances of condensation by making sure you do not have cold windows. The interior glass remains at room temperature, hence reducing the risk of condensation.


Double glazed windows are highly preferred over single glazed windows for their heat regulation and energy-efficient features. These windows also have a high aesthetic value and promote security in your home. If you do not like disturbances, double glazing is soundproof and isolates you from the noise outside. Insulated glass units also eliminate the negative effects of condensation. The next time you go shopping for windows for your home, make sure you insist on double glazed windows.