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Consider These Three Aspects when Customising Steel Security Doors to be Burglar-Proof

by Frederick Stanley

Steel is one of the most trusted materials for security doors in the home. The popularity of the material comes from the fact that it is sturdy, durable and almost impossible to break into. It is very rare to find cases of steel doors having been broken into, especially if the installation was done properly and measures such as the locking system were carefully considered. If you are thinking about switching your current security doors for steel, you need to consider adding the following additional enhancements to maximise security in the home.

Consider the Frame type

One of the factors that people overlook when installing security doors is the frame and the doorjamb. When burglars are unable to weaken the door itself, their next line of attack is usually the doorjamb and the frame. When having your steel door installed, it is crucial to think about matching the door with a steel frame or with another material that is as strong and impossible to bend and break as the steel door. An additional security measure which you can take here is to enforce the doorjamb with galvanised steel. This makes it harder for the steel door to be kicked in.

Securing sliding doors

Most people that have sliding doors will tell you that they have dealt with a break-in attempt at some point. This is because burglars consider sliding doors easy to tamper with. However, it is possible to get sliding doors which are reinforced with steel frames to minimise the possibility of a break-in. It is also possible to have a steel screen added inside the sliding doors as an additional security measure. When the doors are locked at night, the screen will also be up to maximise security.

Installing Deadbolts

An additional security measure which works perfectly with steel doors is a deadbolt. Deadbolts add an additional layer of security that a normal doorjamb cannot add to the home. Note that if the steel door has a regular lock and it does not extend deep enough into the frame and the wall, it will still be simple to break into the house. It is therefore best to have an additional deadbolt to keep burglars out of the house.

These are the three additional security measures which you can take to ensure that once you install your steel doors, your home is kept safe from burglars and all other criminals.