Selecting New Windows For Your Home

Unique Benefits Roller Shutters Offer Over Conventional Window Treatments

by Frederick Stanley

Selecting window furnishings for your home may seem like a generally easy decision. Just pick out the curtain fabric that you want, have your windows measured and have the drapery mounted. While this may be the convenient option for most households, you should note that curtains are not your only option. If you want something that will enhance the visual appeal of your décor while adding a touch of modernity to your home, you should contemplate switching to roller shutters. While roller shutters have been a staple for commercial properties, they have recently seen an increase in popularity among Australian households too. This article delves into just a couple of the unique benefits that roller shutters will offer you over conventional window treatments.

Roller shutters provide improved sun protection

The general assumption people have regarding sun protection is that is is only the ability to keep the sun's rays from streaming into their home. However, this concept only refers to light control. Proper sun control involves reducing the amount of ultraviolet radiation that penetrates into your residence. UV radiation is harmful in several ways. Firstly, direct exposure puts you and your loved ones at an increased risk of skin-related conditions. Secondly, the UV rays will also accelerate the fading of your upholstery, carpeting and even artwork—not to mention that hardwood floors will also become vulnerable to cracking and fading. A better solution that will help maintain the integrity of your décor is roller shutters. UV-resistant materials can assist in deflecting these ultraviolet rays while also minimising the amount of radiant heat that permeates your home!

Roller shutters provide heightened weather protection

A second reason to upgrade from curtains to roller shutters is the physical protection these treatments offer your window. One of the top reasons why roller shutters are becoming a favourite is their innate versatility, in that they can be installed either indoors or outdoors. If you live in an area that is plagued by inclement weather conditions on a perpetual basis, such as by the coast, you may want to consider investing in roller shutters so they can provide an added layer of protection for your windows. The exterior installation will help in lessening the risk of window breakage due to airborne debris when there are high gusts of wind or a severe storm. Furthermore, the rollers will not rattle, as blinds are prone to do. Lastly, roller shutters that are manufactured with polyurethane can also act as a layer of thermal insulation, which means your windows won't be exposed to drastic temperature changes that could cause them to crack.