Selecting New Windows For Your Home

The Pros and Cons of Double-Glazed Windows

by Frederick Stanley

Double-glazed windows are made with two panes of glass that are attached to a seal that connects them to each other. There is a thin layer of air or gas between these panes so that they don't actually touch each other. Double-glazed windows are a very popular option for residential windows today; note some pros and cons about this type of window so you know if they're the right choice for your home.


Just as two blankets provide better protection against cold weather than just one blanket, two panes of glass will provide better insulation against the cold or heat that is outside your home than just one pane! Along with temperature insulation, double-glazed windows also provide sound insulation, making them a good choice if you live near the highway, an airport, or a busy school.

While this insulation is good in wintertime, double-glazed windows may trap more heat inside the home during summer. Having a ventilation fan installed in the home's attic or through an exterior wall can compensate for this, pulling heat out of the home and improving air circulation during summer months.

Safety and noise

The seal that keeps double-glazed windows together makes it more difficult to break the glass panes or to pull them out of the window frame. This can be an added safety feature for your home, if you're concerned about a break-in. This can also mean less risk of the windows beginning to rattle over the years, which often happens with single-glazed windows; single panes of glass eventually come away from the window frame, so they're more likely to rattle in the wind or due to vibrations, such as from heavy traffic.

The only drawback to this added sealant is that one pane of glass cannot be repaired in a double-glazed window if it should break. Because the two panes are sealed together, the entire window itself would usually need to be replaced. However, this may not be a high risk for many homeowners, especially if you don't have children who might hit the window with a toy.


Double-glazed windows can actually increase your home's overall value, since their added insulation cuts down on your utility bills and makes the interior of the home quieter. The only exception may be a very old home, where modern, double-glazed windows may seem out of place with its other features. A property appraiser can tell you how double-glazed windows will affect your home's value in particular, if this is a concern for you.