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Home Improvement: Which Material is Suitable for Your Replacement Front Door?

by Frederick Stanley

If your home's front door has become worn or sustained damage, you should start thinking about replacing the feature. Installing a new entry door from a place like Stained Glass Overlay will improve your security and boost the kerb appeal of your house. However, you should remember that the visual impact and performance of your exterior door will depend on the material selected. Therefore, you should evaluate and compare all your options before making your purchase. Here is a short description of the most popular materials suited for your replacement front door.


If you are looking for a door with exceptional structural resilience, you should think about purchasing and installing a steel product. Steel has an inherent strength which will allow your replacement door to resist force. You will enjoy exceptional security because the structure cannot be torn away with ease. You should also note that steel can be painted in assorted colours. Therefore, you can choose a hue which complements your home and even change it in the future. When purchasing this type of door, you should make sure that the structure has insulated foam to prevent heat loss and gain. 


The popularity of timber doors in the residential environment can be attributed to the visual appeal. Wood has a beautiful and warm hue which can complement modern and traditional houses. Also, the surfaces can be finished using different products including stains and paints which further enhance the charm of the door. Also, wooden entrance features are resilient and will provide a long service life after installation. However, you should note that the lumber will require considerable maintenance for optimal performance.


If you want a front door with a wooden appearance but with minimal maintenance requirements, you should consider choosing fibreglass products. This type of structure is strong and resistant to most forms of damage. For example, unlike wood, fibreglass will not become degraded due to pest infestation and moisture exposure. Moreover, you will only need to clean the door panel for ideal performance. When choosing a fibreglass door, you should check out the different appearances. Apart from the wooden look, you will find other exciting colours and patterns.


Glass is an appealing material for a front door because it allows natural light into the house. Also, it has a beautiful, clean look and allows you to enjoy the outdoor view from inside. However, there are some significant concerns that you should address, including insulation. For the best results, choose double-glazed doors to prevent heat exchange.