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Give Your Bathroom an Oomph! Shower Glass Options for The Modern Bathroom

by Frederick Stanley

Shower glass enclosures bring an elegant look to any bathroom. Clear shower glass is a classic, although textured and coloured glass has been steadily gaining steam.

However, when it comes to choosing a shower glass, the choice of glass is not always so … clear. Here are various options for glass finishes you should consider to suit the style of your bathroom.

Clear shower glass

This is the ultimate classic if you want to create a seamless transition between your shower area and the rest of your bathroom. Simple, clear glass is a sure pick for all styles, whether modern or traditional, it keeps your bathroom looking crisp.

Beachy blue

Want to feel like a modern vacation every time you step into the shower? A vibrant, beachy blue glass will have you turning on a beachy tune every time you bathe under your rain shower head.

Electric Blue

There is an electrifying thrill that comes with this glass colour. An electric blue shower glass is a bold choice that offers a laser-like vibrancy to a modern bathroom.


A blue-green shower glass adds a little warmth to a bathroom.  It offers a pure spa-like feel to a shower that brings out all your favourite scents in your soap and shampoo.

Dark grey

Versatile as it is beautiful, a dark grey shower glass adds sophistication while also providing added privacy to a bathroom.


If you find electric blue, well a little too blue for your taste, a classic navy is the way to go. A navy shower glass feels contemporary and unique and timeless at the same time.

Warm amber grey

If you prefer a warmer look and feel in your contemporary bathroom, an amber grey shower glass will add warmth to your bathroom without going too far.


A frosted or a semi-transparent shower glass has a soft, pleasing appearance that lets light in while providing just the right amount of privacy.  Frosted shower glass comes in different levels of transparency.


A textured shower glass is like a functional work of art. Other than providing desirable privacy, textured glass has an architectural effect that adds a lot of visual interest to your shower area.


Finally, there is something different on the shower door; multipaned shower glass! Although this is what you would expect on windows, multipaned shower glass adds drama, elegance and a chic industrial appeal to your bathroom.

Form blues to blue-green and warm greys, soft, cool colours are popular choices for shower glass since they aren't as controversial as bold, vibrant colours. For more information, contact companies like Action Glass & Aluminium.