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Bifold Patio Doors: Which Framing Material is Suitable for Your Home?

by Frederick Stanley

If you are thinking about replacing your patio doors, you should consider purchasing and installing bifold doors. These structures can cover larger openings. So, you can expand the entryway for an indoor-outdoor living design. Also, these doors are made using glass panels; they will allow natural light to flow freely into your home. In general, choosing the right bifold door is not a complicated process. However, the framing material requires careful consideration before selection. Your choice will determine the security, aesthetics and general performance of the door. If you are uncertain about the right option, consider this brief comparison of the current framing materials.

Aluminium Frames

Aluminium is a sturdy material which can withstand high stress and heavy usage. Therefore, this metal is a popular choice for bifold door fabrication. Simply speaking, the intrinsic strength of aluminium is favourable because it will deter intruders who would try to bend the framing for unauthorised access. Also, the appeal of the material is high. The clean and sleek lines of aluminium patio doors will enhance the aesthetics of your modern home. When choosing this type of door, you should consider the powder coating on the surfaces. While aluminium is resistant to corrosion, a good finish will advance its visual impact. Unfortunately, insulation can be a problem, so choose frames with a thermal break.

Timber Framing

If you are interested in a more traditional look for your patio doors, you should think about installing timber-framed bifold doors. The classic warmth and authentic charm of the material can also be integrated into most contemporary homes. Unlike aluminium, timber is not a conductor of heat. Therefore, selecting this type of framing will ensure proper insulation in your building. You should also note that wood will give you multiple improvement options for the future. For example, you can refinish or paint the framing for a fresh look. The only drawback of lumber frames is the need for maintenance. You will have to protect the material from moisture and pests for optimal durability. 

Unplasticised PVC Frames

More homeowners are choosing bifold doors with uPVC frames instead of the traditional wood or aluminium. This polymer is advantageous because it has no special maintenance requirements and the material has exceptional insulating properties. Also, uPVC is a low-cost material; you can reduce your patio remodelling costs by installing this type of framing. Regrettably, this plastic is not as strong as the counterparts. Therefore, you should choose thick framing for better security.