Selecting New Windows For Your Home

Clearing Up Some Common Misconceptions Homeowners Have About Skylights

by Frederick Stanley

Skylights are a great way to bring natural light into any room of the home, and they work especially well in dark and dim rooms that don't have large windows, or for rooms where you want to enjoy a view of the night sky. While skylights can be a good choice for a home, many homeowners have some misconceptions about these pieces, so that they hesitate to have them installed, or to even begin researching their options for a skylight. Note a few of those misconceptions here, so you can then start shopping and talk to a skylight installer about your choices, and decide if these are a good addition to your home:

Skylights make a room cold

Because skylights require a contractor to cut through the insulation and building materials in the roof, it's easy to think that these pieces would let in some cold during wintertime, and make a room seem draughty and uncomfortable. However, skylights are made with thick, toughened glass that won't allow in excess heat and cold. You should never feel a draft or any type of r change in the room temperature when you have skylights installed.

Skylights leak

Poor quality skylights that are installed improperly may leak, but as long as you choose a quality skylight that is installed by a reputable contractor, the piece shouldn't leak, even during a rainstorm. Also, if skylights get damaged and then begin to leak over time, this can be easily repaired with some sealant or other materials that cover over any gaps or cracks in the roof or in the skylight itself.

Skylights discolour

Very cheap plastics may discolour over time, but a quality skylight made of toughened glass shouldn't discolour or otherwise get damaged from everyday exposure to sunlight and weather elements. Quality skylights also won't show water streaks or other such marks, and shouldn't rust or corrode around their edges. As long as you invest in a quality product, your skylight should last for years, if not decades, before you notice any damage or change to its appearance.

Skylights are too large for small rooms

Once you start shopping for skylights, you might be surprised at the options you have for size and shape; small, rounded skylights can be installed in very small rooms, or you might opt for a long, rectangular skylight for a long and narrow room. Whatever the room size and whatever amount of sunlight you want to bring into that room, you can typically find a skylight that is a perfect size and shape to accommodate.