Selecting New Windows For Your Home

Are Shutters More Advantageous Than Curtains?

by Frederick Stanley

Curtains remain a popular window furnishing, primarily because some homeowners do not want to go through the inconvenience of changing out all their window treatments. Nonetheless, simply because curtains are a staple does not mean they have more advantages of other window furnishings. In fact, the advent of shutters has brought about numerous benefits for homeowners that you would not be able to enjoy with curtains. The following are a few reasons why shutters are more advantageous than curtains.

Shutters are suited for allergy sufferers

Curtains and drapes may look great on your windows, but what some individuals may not realise is that these furnishings could be the cause of their respiratory irritations. Since curtains are made from fabric, they have a high propensity of attracting and absorbing dirt. Unless you are determined to launder your curtains every other day, chances are you will have pollutant floating around in your home, which would aggravate allergies. Shutters, on the other hand, do not absorb dust. Furthermore, when the dirt does settle on the shutters, you can easily wipe them down and keep your home free of pollen, dust, pet dander and other common pollutants.

Shutters offer enhanced insulation

A characteristic of shutters that not many people may be aware of is their capability to provide your home with improved insulation. Firstly, when the cold season rolls around, your shutters will act as a barrier against thermal loss. Thus, the heat generated inside your home stays indoors, which also translates into decreased heating related costs. Conversely, during the summer your shutters will prevent unnecessary thermal gain. Moreover, you can keep your windows open to let in a breeze into your home, but the shutters will still provide a barrier against the heat. Therefore, you do not have to tolerate a stuffy home in the name of keeping the heat out. Lastly, shutters also provide a degree of sound insulation for your residence. You will notice that the rooms that have shutters installed will have less noise interference from the outdoors than if you have curtains as your window treatments.

Shutters provide increased versatility                                 

Curtains may work well in the living room, but you will find they do not perform best when installed in wet rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom. Over time, the increased humidity in these environments will make your curtains prone to mould, as the fabric absorbs and retains moisture. Shutters made from non-porous materials such as aluminium, vinyl or even PVC are highly versatile as they can be installed in any space around your home without the risk of damage.