Selecting New Windows For Your Home

Using Interior Sliding Glass Doors for Improved Style and Function

by Frederick Stanley

When you think of sliding glass doors for your home, you may only think of doors to the patio or deck. These are certainly very common for many homes, but you can also add sliding glass doors inside your house for a unique style and some improved function of those doors. Consider what is meant by that and how sliding glass doors in the home can be a great improvement over the doors you currently have installed.

Dining room

When you bring guests into your formal dining room, you may want a certain sense of grandeur as you transition from one room to the next. An open archway often does little to offer that sense of formality or to divide the space between the dining room and living areas. Sliding glass doors can make the entryway seem more formal and welcoming; they can also help to insulate against sound so that your guests are not bothered by children watching television in the next room or by outside noises that might otherwise carry into the dining area and become distracting.

Frosted glass doors can also be installed between the dining room and kitchen. This allows you to close off the view between the eating area and a messy cooking space so that you and your guests are not distracted by the sight of pots and pans in the kitchen while trying to enjoy a meal.

Children's playroom

It's good to always keep an eye on your children when they're in their playroom, which is why glass doors are a good choice for this space. Sliding glass doors can also help insulate the sound from inside the room, so the family is not as distracted when children are at play and the adults are in the next room, working or watching television.


If you have a nice closet full of beautiful clothes and accessories, why hide it? Sliding glass doors can give some separation to the space between the bedroom and your closet, while also allowing your beautiful wardrobe to be seen. Glass doors can also help to keep the bedroom from looking too small and closed-in, and they can reflect light so that the bedroom won't seem dark and dull. Sliding doors also won't need clearance for opening. You can even have barn-style sliding glass doors installed; these slide on a track above the doorframe, so they can open up the entire doorway to the closet, allowing for easier access to the space and offering some great visual interest in the bedroom.