Selecting New Windows For Your Home

The Simplest Reasons for Choosing Bi-fold Doors

by Frederick Stanley

When you're renovating your home and you need to change the doors, you may want to opt for bi-fold doors. In addition to making your property aesthetically pleasing, they let lots of light into the room and make the property more secure, and they may make your home more energy efficient, too.

They fill the room with light

Bi-fold doors use more glass than frame, and as a result, they'll fill the room with light. Filling your home with natural light comes with lots of benefits:

  • You won't turn your lights on as often, which reduces your energy bills
  • Using natural rather than fluorescent light is better for your eyes
  • The more natural light you get during the day, the better your sleep
  • The brighter a room is, the bigger it looks

Bi-fold doors make your home more energy efficient

Modern bi-folding doors make use of double or triple glazing. As homes lose a significant amount of energy through their windows, it makes sense to opt for a solution that reduces the amount of heat you lose. As a result, you'll spend less on air conditioning and heating bills.

If you live in a busy area, you'll also find that these doors will reduce the amount of noise that enters your room. When using triple glazing, the gap between the panels is far bigger than double, which means less noise pollution affects your home. 

You can make them extra secure

When you're choosing your bi-fold doors, opting for a multi-point locking system makes your home more secure. Multipoint locks feature three individual locks, which means they're more challenging for potential thieves to break through. In addition to making your home secure, this may reduce your insurance prices, making them a cost-effective solution.

You can use aluminium for longevity

In terms of superior materials, aluminium is difficult to beat. When you choose it for your bi-fold doors, you'll find it lasts longer than uPVC, as it's less likely to expand with heat. In addition, the frames are thinner, yet they're capable of supporting lots of glass, so you can allow more natural light into your property. Finally, many companies recycle aluminium, which means you'll have environmentally friendly doors that are also aesthetically pleasing.

If you feel as though bi-fold doors might benefit your home, take some time to consider the colour and size you want. With a little forward planning, you can choose a size and frame style that you'll love for years to come.